Many people refuse going on a diet since they believe that they will be depriving themselves of delicious food. They are obviously mistaken since you can still enjoy food when you prepare healthy meals like soups.

A great soup appetizer would be a pea soup recipe. It is very easy to make and the ingredients for the pea soup recipe is not hard to come by.

The recipe does not take too much of your time, and it could be cooked hours before your actual eating time without losing its flavor.

There are a lot of pea soup recipes available for you to follow, and choosing one is all but confusing especially when you do not have the luxury of time on your hands.

There are different versions of pea soup recipes that can be found from different sources. Listed here are the different kinds of pea soup recipes and the ingredients involved in making the dish possible:

  • Pea Soup Recipe – This recipe is simple yet tasty when it is made. The ingredients include frozen peas, whole peas, virgin olive oil, chopped garlic, chopped onions, salt, vegetable stock, chopped celery, butter, and chopped carrots.
  • Ham and Pea Soup Recipe – If you prefer a little meat variation in your pea soup you may also opt to follow this kind of recipe. This recipe is basically the same pea soup recipe with the difference of the additional ham ingredient. You may also be a little creative and use other meat alternatives to ham. Again, this would be your preference.
  • Vegetarian Pea Soup Recipe – This recipe appeals to those who follow a vegetarian diet in nature. It is quite similar to the normal pea soup, but with additional ingredients like potatoes, natural herbs like bay leaves, thyme, and parsley. Take note that there are no meat ingredients in a vegetarian pea soup recipe.

There are different ways on how people cook their pea soup. Just like there are hundreds of possible recipes available, there are some that cook theirs in different ways as compared to others.

Since this may be your first time to cook a pea soup recipe, here are the most basic steps to follow.

  1. Submerge the frozen peas until they are thawed properly or better yet, take them out of the refrigerator hours before you cook them.
  2. Add all the other ingredients together for approximately 40 minutes and blend the ingredients.
  3. Once all ingredients are blended, you may strain the soup and transfer it to a food processor then serve. You may add your preferred herb toppings once the soup is settled on the bowl.

Always get the best ingredients when you cook your pea soup recipe. Do not scrimp on your ingredients.

Try to experiment with your favorite pea soup recipe by adding other ingredients not included in the original recipe. Herbs and spices can make a big difference. Serve your soup hot with a glass of green tea or fruit shake.



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