Queen Victoria cake is one of the old classics of the world of sweets that became famous not only because it was the favorite of a queen but also because it is a simple yet delicate delight easy to make.

This royal dessert was created during the reign of Queen Victoria under quite regular circumstances that led to the creation of a very popular dessert.

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Because the queen got hungry between lunch and dinner the traditional English tea was served with sandwiches, cake and candy.

The story says that her royal highness had a very pragmatic nature and considered that the fuss of making a large number of cakes was not worth it so she brought up the idea that the ideal dessert would mean a cake that would contain something of all. This is how the cake, also called the Victoria sandwich came to be.

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Lady Diana was the one to bring up to the public’s attention this delightfully simple dessert which became very popular in the modern times especially because she was the one to like it.

Basically the Queen Victoria cake is made of two layers of fluffy sponge cake in the middle with strawberry jam and a layer of whipped heavy double cream. The cake is sprinkled with powder sugar and served cold as a snack along coffee or tea.

The recipe insists upon using only strawberry jam this being the signature of this famous dessert.



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