Potato is a staple food for a lot of people around the world. It is a popular food source in western countries like America and Europe. This is the reason why it would not be a surprise that people from all walks of life have been formulating a lot of their own potato recipe.

Potato is a simple tuber crop that was known to be cultivated in America. It is a good source of starch, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and potassium.

Potato recipe have changed since then and have evolved to suit the taste buds of people everywhere in the world. There are different kinds of potato recipe ranging from simple recipes to more complicated ones.

The choice of these potato recipes depend on the needs and wants of the person cooking them.

Given the fact that there are hundreds of different potato recipes all over the world, it would be best to give simple examples of these recipes.

Perhaps the basics of potato recipe would you give you an idea of what is out there and allow you to keep them in mind when you decide to cook one for yourself. Examples of potato recipes are as follows:

  • French Fries – A very popular potato recipe known to many all over the world. They are deep-fried potato strips that are best served with ketchup or other condiments of your choice. They are good for parties and all sorts of social gatherings.
  • Mashed Potato – It is a popular potato recipe enjoyed by many. Mashed potatoes are peeled potatoes that have been softened under boiling water, mashed, and seasoned with salt and pepper. There are a lot of styles in making mashed potato recipe, some of which have milk added to it.
  • Potato Salad – A popular potato recipe that come in different variations across the world. Potato salad is sliced/chopped potato dish that is mixed with other vegetables and dressings. This dish is usually served chilled and perfect for parties and social gatherings as well.
  • Hash Brown – A potato recipe which involves sliced potatoes deep-fried with bread crumb coating. Usually golden-brown in appearance, it is best served with ketchup and other desired condiments.
  • Baked Potato – A potato dish that is baked in an oven and has a crispy outer layer made possible by retaining the potato skin. This potato recipe usually contains cheese, cream, and other add-ons such as bacon bits and such.

Potato recipe is very easy to make. They require a very minimal amount of your time to cook up and are appreciated by everyone. They are very flexible and you can add almost anything to it to bring out the best in your potato dish.

It is also best to have fresh ingredients to go with your potato recipe. Many of these ingredients may be found in your local supermarket or fresh market centers.

Right now, you are probably wondering where you can get good potato recipe. The answer is simple. You may ask your friends and family for the recipe of the potato dish you had during their last party or gathering.

You may also find references on the internet and check for potato recipe that best suits your taste buds. Remember to get recipes that you can appreciate and has ingredients that are not hazardous to your health.



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