blowtorchThe modern housewife knows the best cooking hardware for any recipe and meal. Yet, there is one kitchen device that doesn’t find its place in any kitchen and often we forget that it could be our best friend, especially when preparing desserts.

This device is the so called blowtorch and it should be used, for they are surely easing your kitchen work.

The blowtorch is popular in England, since 1960, when it was used to transform sugar into caramel. Later on, the blowtorch found its place for preparing meals like skinning tomatoes or molding the jelly.

In case you want to give your crème brûlée a blast, the easiest way to do it is with the blowtorch. You can use the device to provide some charred taste to the aubergines.

If your dessert needs to be caramelized, there is no use to bother yourself by putting it on the heat. Simply caramelize it with the blowtorch.



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