Cooking is one of the most basic and oldest activities known to mankind. Through the years, it has evolved from simply heating things up to something more sophisticated as mixing the right amount of wines, spices, and sauces.

Creatively cutting food and laying it on plates in a delightful array is also an evidence of this sophistication. Cooking has also gone a long way of refinement differentiating into culturally unique ways to create food and cuisines. Indian cooking is one of these.

Indian cooking is one of the most delicious and unique ways of preparing food. Although northern or southern Indian cuisines may vary from western and eastern ones, there are characteristics that specifically say it simply is Indian.

Flavored with rich spices, Indian cooking has taken a big chunk of recognition amongst people in the cooking industry.

But what makes Indian cooking stand out from the rest? The following are what makes Indian cooking uniquely Indian:


It’s not Indian without the spice. If there is one thing that Indian cooking is known and is famous for, it’s the spices that richly flavor it. Spices dominantly used are cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and some others, collectively called as garam masala. Chili pepper, black mustard seed, cumin available in India and many more add to what Indian cooking is all about.


Western people use bread as their staple food. The Indian culture requires a variety of them. To make an Indian cooking Indian, it has to have the either of the following: rice or pulses, both are grains which are good sources of carbohydrates.

One unique characteristic of Indian cooking when it comes to their staple food is the variety that it offers.  While most Asian countries only have rice cooked in a single manner, Indian staple foods are cooked in different kinds of ways. This is what makes them unique.

Vegetable oil

One basic thing about Indian cooking is that they are mostly cooked in vegetable oil.  Peanut, mustard and coconut oils are the most commonly used ones.

Vegetable oils are a healthier option in cooking and frying food. This is why most Indian cuisines are a healthy way to eat up, but of course still in wisdom and moderation and with health consideration.

Not only are vegetable oils a healthy choice, they also bring out and add up to the right flavor of an Indian cuisine.


Indian cuisines are also famous for one thing, their evident preference for vegetables. This characteristic of Indian cooking is due to their religious belief against the violence of killing animals for consumption. The many influences of neighboring regions of different cultures are also a reason as well.

A lot of other cultures like that of Vietnam and other Asian countries have vegetables as their preference. However, what makes it uniquely Indian are the way it is combined with all the rest mentioned above.

Indian cooking is a total stand out from the rest. When all of the elements mentioned above are placed together in the best manner, you could truly say this is what makes an Indian cooking Indian.



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