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history of mustard

The Spicy History Of Mustard

Mustard is derived from a Latin word mustum ardens which means burning must. This member of Brassica family consists of minute round esculent pods and edible leaves. Grinded mustard pods essentially bear the spicy heating properties, hence the name burning must. In addition to this, it was a famous French tradition to mix the grounded […]

delicious burger 1

The Burger And The Secret To Make It Perfect

Born and raised in the mighty America, the concept of the burger sandwich is centered on the most delicious combination of meat, vegetable and cheese all tucked between two halves of toasted burger bun. The delicious burger can be made in 3 easy steps using either a grill or a grill pan. Prepare the meat […]


30 Delectable Food Crafts Examples – Yummy Sandwiches

Here are 30 delectable examples of food crafts and mouth-watering ways in which you can present your sandwiches.

tips for eating in japan

Useful Tips For Eating In Japan

Having a meal in Japan can be quite a different experience. You could enjoy it more if you know these things about their traditions and manners. In lots of restaurants and even homes, floor is made of tatami where you may be invited to sit on cushions and eat at low tables on which the […]

right food & drinks for picnic 2

The Right Food And Drink To Take On A Picnic

In case you are willing to go for picnic with your family, here are some tips about the most important part of this pleasure – the food. Many people are wondering what kind of food to choose when they are going for a picnic. One of the most common foods that are proper for such […]

cooking seafood

Fish Or Clams – Which Tastes Better?

With all the fuss made over white meat and healthy eating, seafood is definitely a star. We all know it’s healthy and rich with “good” nutrients and this is why it is also important to know how to cook it. Fish for example is good to buy when its fins are shiny, eyes clear and […]


Brandy Is Wine! About Brandy And The Famous Names We Know It By

Brandy is a wine like any other, but with one difference, it has been burnt or boiled. In fact, its literal translation from Dutch means burnt wine. Brandy has not always been used for drinking purposes. Instead it was first used for its medicinal applications. In the 7th or the 8th century, the Arabs first […]

Stay Fit With Healthy Cooking

Stay Fit With Healthy Cooking

Everything is expensive nowadays that you simply can’t afford getting sick. Hospital bills, medicine, and treatments can make you lose all your savings. If you don’t want to end up empty handed, it’s better to start protecting your self today from harmful ailments through healthy cooking. It is the most effective prevention against sickness and […]

bbq chicken

BBQ Chicken – Healthy And Delightful

In case you want to prepare a different barbeque recipe, here are two delicious and really different recipes. The first one will surely bring compliments to your table. The ingredients you need are: 1kg BBQ plum marinated chicken wing pieces, 2 cups brown rice, 2 1/2 cups (625ml) water, 1 chicken stock cube, 1 zucchini, […]

raspberry desert

Raspberry And The Many Dessert Choices It Creates

Summer is the time for cool desserts. They are best made with ripe summer fruits and berries. Some of these may even be grown right in your own back yard. If you have raspberries growing in your back yard, then this article is for you. There is a plethora of desserts that can be made […]