With all the fuss made over white meat and healthy eating, seafood is definitely a star.

cooking seafoodWe all know it’s healthy and rich with “good” nutrients and this is why it is also important to know how to cook it.

Fish for example is good to buy when its fins are shiny, eyes clear and smells like fresh water.

If you grill it, use a fish basket or oil the grill very well. If you fry it, make sure the temperature is high and you are using a tall pan.

If you bake it, it is better to let it marinate in spices at least half an hour before it goes in the oven. You should know that fish loves lemon but also white wine.

Clams are good when they are not opened and the shells look like fresh out of the water. You should wash them and boil them in hot water. Throw the ones that do not open during boiling.

cooking clams

Take the white meat out of the opened shells and slightly cook it in a pan with olive oil, spices and dried tomatoes. They are lovely with spaghetti. If you were asked to choose between the two which one would you go for?



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