Mushrooms are among the mainstay in many kitchens. They are used with other fresh finds to add flavor in any meal. They are especially appetizing when cooked in soup.

Mushroom soup recipe is primarily combined with meat and vegetables together with stock, juice or water and oftentimes regarded to be very nutritious.

In preparing your mushroom soup recipe, it is important to be very cautious about the variety of mushroom you are going to use, because some are poisonous and therefore not meant for human consumption.

Here is the basic selection of mushrooms which are available in the groceries and can be used for your delicious mushroom soup recipe:

  • The button or white mushroom is the most common in the market. It has a slight meaty flavor.
  • The crimini mushroom has a meatier taste compared to the buttons.
  • The domed and pointed cap morel mushroom is the staple ingredient for many mushroom soup recipes which add to the soup’s flavorful taste.
  • The oyster mushroom has a light flavor and best served cooked.
  • The large capped portobella mushroom is often considered as meat substitute in any mushroom soup recipe.
  • The soft and long stemmed shiitake mushroom has a succulent flavor which is a delight in any mushroom soup recipe.
  • The small domed straw mushroom is a mainstay in many Chinese cuisines.
  • The golden chanterelle mushroom is said to be the best wild mushroom in the world. It is aromatic and flavorful which makes it ideal to cream or broth soups which makes it a favorite among the culinary experts.
  • The medium sized purple blue colored blewit is a colorful addition to any mushroom soup recipe.
  • The maitake mushroom is known for its medicinal value. It is said to improve the immune system owe to its mineral contents, fibers and amino acids. It is frequently used in China and Japan.

Mushroom soup recipe, just like any other soup can be classified broadly as clear or thick soups, or it can come in cans.

  • Clear soups can be best exemplified by either a bouillon or a consommé.
  • Thick soups on the other hand are classified depending on its thickening agents among them are:
    • Starch which are usually called purees
    • Bisques are thickened by using a pureed shellfish or vegetables with cream.
    • Béchamel sauce  are used for cream soup
    • Eggs, butter and cream made up veloutes.
    • Rice, grain and flour also thickens the soup.
  • The most famous canned soup is the cream of mushroom soup. It is a comfort food to many and is frequently used as a base ingredient for other dishes.

Owe to its easy preparation and a good selection of ingredients, mushroom soups are among the staple food in any dining experience.

Mushroom soup recipe no matter how it is prepared or where it is served is a delightful way to be healthy and more importantly, is the ideal venue to share so many happy and pleasant memories with your family and friends.



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