Born and raised in the mighty America, the concept of the burger sandwich is centered on the most delicious combination of meat, vegetable and cheese all tucked between two halves of toasted burger bun.

The delicious burger can be made in 3 easy steps using either a grill or a grill pan.

delicious burger 1

Prepare the meat and add the seasoning. You can keep it simple or add spices along salt and pepper for a richer taste. Cook the burger for 5 to 10 minutes depending on if you like it well done or medium rare.

Grill the two halves of the bun until toasted to your liking. Put between them the steaming burger; add onion rings, tomato slice, mayo and cheese.

delicious burger 2

Keep in mind that the cheese can be the type you enjoy most, the one recommended is the typical American grill cheese.

If you like it a bit spicy, add mustard. If you feel adventurous add some zucchini pickle slices or Alfalfa sprouts. For the meat lovers a few slices of roasted bacon will make the “cherry on the cake”.

Dress it up to your liking and you will enjoy it even more.



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