In case you are willing to go for picnic with your family, here are some tips about the most important part of this pleasure – the food.

Many people are wondering what kind of food to choose when they are going for a picnic. One of the most common foods that are proper for such an outdoor pleasure is the salad.

right food & drinks for picnic 1Healthy and delicious, the salad is the preferable meal; moreover it is easy to pack.

Another good picnic food is the cheese. Pack from different varieties of cheese as you don’t miss out to prepare biscuits, grapes and apricots to complete the taste of the cheese.

Sandwiches are also good idea, but you should consider that most of the people avoid eating them, so go for healthy foods. Cereals are also good idea, as well as the snacks.

right food & drinks for picnic 2One of the most common picnic meals is the smoked salmon with cheese. Prepare it before going for a picnic, as you consider cutting the salmon into tiny fingers.

A picnic without a dessert isn’t a picnic; therefore the sweet meals are a must.

You can bake some cake, as the classy picnic requires the famous Lemon Poppy Seed Cake, which is easy to prepare even a day before the picnic. It will still taste fresh and delicious. Drinks are also part of the pleasure, so consider cold juices and cocktails as a good idea for your picnic pleasure.



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