There are many different cuts of meat and each will have its own taste and texture.

Depending on which part of the animal the cut of meat is, the meat could be tender or tough.

You see, meat is in essence, ‘muscle’. Therefore the muscles that are worked all the time will be tougher while the muscles that are not worked as much will be tenderer.

meatIf you are buying your meat for the texture then you should be aware of which cuts will be suitable for your choice.

That being said, let us now talk about the cuts and where they are from so that you will be well informed, the next time you go shopping. When talking about cuts of meat, the best ones will always be what they call ‘primal cuts’.

There are a total of eight primal cuts. Going from tail to head they are Round, Sirloin, Short Loin, Rib and Chuck. Underneath the animal from back to front they are Flank, Plate and Brisket. Out of all of these, the Loin, Rib and Plate will be the tenderest.

Now let us talk about some of the cuts and how they can be cooked. A good beef sirloin joint is good for roasting as it is flavorful and tender. Also good for roasting is a boned and rolled beef rib joint.

The marbled texture (when fat is evenly distributed in white spots it is called marbled) makes it tenderer and easier to carve. The traditional roast is of course the beef topside joint.

When making steaks, a good one is the beef fillet steak. This comes from underneath the sirloin and can be fried or grilled. The beef rib eye steak is also a favorite. This steak comes from the fore-rib and is usually a very large cut.

If you like meat and love a good steak then the beef rump steak might be just the one for you. Grilled or fried, you can’t go wrong with this one.

If you are running short one time and want a good steak dinner, try the beef minute steaks. These are also great on steak sandwiches. If you have lots of time though and want a hearty meal for dinner, try the beef chuck steak. This cut is amazing in casseroles and stews, just remember that for the best flavor you need to cook it slowly.

Knowing what meat to choose can be a real help in getting a flawless, state of the art steak on your table to wow your guests.



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