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chiffon cake

Chiffon Cake Is The Delight In The Spectacular Tube Pan

The chiffon cake is known as the best cake to serve with the coffee, therefore here is an unusual recipe for preparing a chiffon cake. The tropical chiffon cake differs from the conventional one, but it is praised as the most delicious variety of this cake. The ingredients that you will need for a tropical […]

baked alaska dessert

Baked Alaska – Unusual But Exquisite Dessert

Baked Alaska is known by many names like Norwegian omelette and omelette surprise. It is basically an ice cream within a case which can be meringue, made of eggs and sugar, or pastry crust. It later developed into a brown product, made so in a hot oven that consisted of an ice cream and sponge […]

decorating cake

Cake Craft And The Not So Hard Road To It

Cake decorating is surely an art. You don’t need to be professional in order to prepare beautiful icing on your cake. Here are few advices how to decorate with style. The cake decorating icing has many varieties, but the common are eggs, butter and shortening and butter combination. You can experiment and find out your […]

ice trays

25 Creative Ice Trays For ‘The Ice Cube’

Here are 25 creative ice trays giving different angles to the ice cube, certainly far from conventional.

hollandaise sauce

Bechamel, Espagnol And Hollandaise – Three Sauces Complimenting Food

According to some food experts, sauces have a very important place in preparation of many recipes. Sauces are used in food because they provide a good cooking base, tender the meat nicely and add flavor to the food. Various sauces are prepared from various ingredients and methods which are used in preparing various tempting cuisines. […]

diabetic friendly pasta recipes 1

Two Diabetic Friendly Delicious Pasta Recipes

Pasta can be delicious and yet healthy. Here is one recipe that proves it. The ingredients you need for preparing “Three-mushroom noodles” are: 185g wide long-life noodles, 1 bunch broccoli, 2 tsp vegetable oil, 8 green shallots, 80ml (1/3 cup) hoisin sauce, 1 x 150g punnet oyster mushrooms, 1 x 100g punnet shiitake mushrooms, 1 […]

lao shan restaurant

Picking The Right Restaurant In Taiwan

Mouth to mouth publicity is quite essential for any kind of business. In case of restaurants, however, it bears special significance as it gets people into talking about the quality of your food and the way it was presented, not forgetting the fact how were the services offered. Taiwan is one place that is extraordinarily […]

Root Beer And The Desserts

Root Beer And The Desserts

Root beer is actually a fine dessert ingredient and most of the professional cooks are using it, in order to create delicious sweets and cakes. Here are two recipes that include root beer. The Bundt cake is one of these as it represents a real sweet adventure. The ingredients you need are 1 cup sugar, […]

cooking veggies 1

The Mystery Hidden Inside A Pot Cooking Veggies

As many believe cooking is but a routine work that is meant to prepare something to stuff your tummy with, I look upon it as a fulfilling act that gives you immense satisfaction. When you start cooking you would come across a great many options. There are a vast number of vegetables and also as […]