According to some food experts, sauces have a very important place in preparation of many recipes. Sauces are used in food because they provide a good cooking base, tender the meat nicely and add flavor to the food.

Various sauces are prepared from various ingredients and methods which are used in preparing various tempting cuisines.

hollandaise sauceBéchamel, Espagnol and Hollandaise are three of the most used sauces all around the world. These special sauces are made from different ingredients, using methods which make them worth making an addition to different cuisines.


Béchamel is a cream like sauce which was invented in 18th century by an anonymous court chef. He named his recipe after the Marquis de Nointel, Louis de Bechamel. This sauce was modified by the renowned French chef Antonin Careme who used egg yolks and cream to set the sauce.

Apart from these ingredients, milk can also be used to get a different and more nutritious form of this sauce. According to Escoffier’s Guide Culinare, this sauce can also be prepared with finely chopped meat which would add some more taste to it.


Espagnol is mainly a form of thickening agent called brown roux which is a mixture of flour and fat. The origin of this sauce is however not mentioned but facts confirm that many recipes were published in 18th and 19th centuries which contain Espagnol as an ingredient.

There are many ways and forms to prepare this sauce from which Lenten Espagnol is most famous. This form of Espagnol sauce does not contain any kind of meat.

In some cases, tomatoes can also be used in preparation of this sauce which gives it a bright red color and exotic taste. This sauce is used in various French recipes which make a wonderful addition to it in the form of flavor, taste and look.


Hollandaise sauce is a French preparation which was introduced somewhere in the middle of 18th century. This sauce was named after Holland, famous for good quality eggs and butter which are the main ingredients of this sauce.

The thickness in this sauce is obtained by adding egg yolk which also gives it a good flavor and color.

However, according to the Marin’s Dons de Comus, butter, bouillon, herbs and flour can be a good combination for this sauce and yolk should not be added in any case. This sauce is prepared using various ways which depend on the recipe in which it is to be used.

These sauces are surely a huge addition even to the most spectacular recipe which not only makes it better but also nutritious in every way.



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