Cake decorating is surely an art. You don’t need to be professional in order to prepare beautiful icing on your cake.

decorating cakeHere are few advices how to decorate with style. The cake decorating icing has many varieties, but the common are eggs, butter and shortening and butter combination.

You can experiment and find out your own favorite cake decorating icing recipe.

Frosted flowers and hearts are usually the most common decorating icing items, so you really should explore the varieties until you found your own variant.

There are also icing decorating sets, which can help you for lavish and difficult items on the top of the cake.

The colors are also an issue. Start with white icing and find concentrated colors. Go for pink, red, blue and yellow. Usually the concentrated icing colors are chemical-free and will not affect the consistency of the cake.

Many companies are offering decorating icing sets made out of plastic, but try to avoid plastic ones for they don’t last long. Choose the metal sets that offer different figures and patterns.

cake decoration

You can decorate your cake without any sets, but it will be difficult. Make sure the icing and colors are well blended and start with small amount of the icing as you place it on the cake with spatula or knife.



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