Mouth to mouth publicity is quite essential for any kind of business. In case of restaurants, however, it bears special significance as it gets people into talking about the quality of your food and the way it was presented, not forgetting the fact how were the services offered.

Taiwan is one place that is extraordinarily famous for its food. If you wish to open a restaurant here, you really need to be good at your skills or you won’t get any mouth to mouth publicity, hence you can consider your business shut before it even gets opened. Good food should be your first priority followed by effectively marketing your point of view.

lao shan restaurantIn case you are a tourist, you should not be deceived by the creative designing of the dish as there are chances that you may get much yummier food in some other restaurant which may not be that appealing to your eyes.

Now this may sound really confusing to you not knowing exactly how you can pick the right restaurant for yourself based on something else than your primal senses.

It is indeed not a difficult task to do even if you have no company of the natives. All you need to do is look for the restaurants that are swarmed with people and separate them with those which are hardly crowded.

This will give you a comparative idea about these restaurants as the food joints with crowd would surely be the ones presenting good eatables.

In Taiwan, there are food joints that look quite unpleasant from outside but the food they present is undoubtedly delectable and delightful, which is why you can spot them flooded with people.

However, this doesn’t mean that the restaurants with extravagant walls and gleaming lights do not have lip smacking food to offer.

There are some which are genuinely good but still the ROI or the return on investment (i.e. satisfaction of delectable food per dollar price paid) will be, to some extent, superior at those food joints which will be swamped with people.

You should also keep in mind that this rule works only in local areas and not in tourist prone places as those tourists will be as unaware of the place as you will be.

One of the restaurants that have become famous because of its palatable dishes and mouth to mouth publicity is Lao Shan restaurant on Beipin lane in Taichung. This painted-in-white restaurant is always full with customers and is especially known for its cold dished like beans, salad, peas etc.

So, next time you go to Taiwan, don’t get deceived by the design; look out for the quality of food too.



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