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thanksgiving dinner

The Best Places For A Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

In case you are a traditionalist and you want to spend Thanksgiving in a classic atmosphere, here are the best places to visit in this matter. In Plymouth, MA the tradition of the fest is still alive. The Plymouth Plantation is a bicultural museum, where thousands of people gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving in the […]

homemade sweets 1

Homemade Sweets For Halloween Trick Or Treat

In case you are going to prepare some sweets for Halloween, here is one perfect recipe for this matter: the haunted graveyard cake. The ingredients you need are: 85g cocoa powder, 200g flour, 375 g light brown muscovado sugar, 4 eggs, 200ml milk and 175ml vegetable oil. The ingredients you need for the decoration are: […]

serving pizza

The Proper Etiquette For Serving Pizza

Did you know that serving pizza can be a very fun thing for kids who like to eat it with bare hands without using the fork and knife? Also did you know that this is the right method of serving pizza, the knife and the fork being optional and in many cases showing bad manners […]

cooking mushrooms

Cooking Mushrooms Is A Delightful Adventure

Mushrooms are loved by both adults and kids and very few people don’t like this addition to their plate. Mushrooms are a versatile ingredient, and can be incorporated into any recipe that you may be cooking. Cooking mushrooms is not only simple but also rewarding as you can be sure of appreciation on the dinner […]

food additives

Baking Additives – Good, Bad Or Simply Handy?

The baking additives are part of a special sort of gastronomy, usually called a molecular gastronomy, for it is including some “X ingredients” that aren’t exactly known to the common cooks. The pastry chefs are those that are trying to improve their cakes and they usually go for those kinds of ingredients. Many don’t agree […]

grilled cheese

Grilled Cheese – The Glorious Excuse For A Sandwich

Whether a simple affair with white bread and cheese slices or gourmet with fancy bread and exotic cheeses, the grilled cheese sandwich is an all time favorite and loved by all. For many it is the one comfort food that eases all pain and misery be it an aching knee or a broken heart. The […]

alsace wine 1

Alsace Wine – The Best Companion For Asian Food

The wine of Alsace is one of those top wines, which any professional cook will recommend you as the perfect drink to the Asian food. Many consider the Alsace wine as German, but it is actually French. Alsace is like a small kingdom and historically, it is an area that has always objects of demanding […]

southern fried chicken 1

Southern Fried Chicken – A Delight With A History

The southern-fried chicken is surely a meal with tradition and history. Therefore, here is one recipe that anyone should prepare. It is easy and doesn’t take long time. The ingredients you need are: 1 cup salt, ¼ cup black pepper, ¼ garlic powder, 4 eggs, 1/3 cup water, 1 cup hot red pepper sauce, 3 […]