The wine of Alsace is one of those top wines, which any professional cook will recommend you as the perfect drink to the Asian food. Many consider the Alsace wine as German, but it is actually French.

Alsace is like a small kingdom and historically, it is an area that has always objects of demanding between Germany and France.

The Alsace region is placed between west France and East German and it is one of the most beautiful regions in Europe. The wine there is made with a special ancient tradition; therefore its taste is incomparable.

alsace wine 1

The wine gets its taste from both the German and French cultures. Yet, Alsace remains in France, where it is currently produced, but its making is entirely German. The Alsace wine comes in special bottles and with different tastes. The vintage lines are those that are the most famous, because they offer extremely rich and intense taste.

alsace wine 2

Typically the Alsace wine is a good companion to the Asian food, but it can also match perfectly spring rolls, crabs and fish. Its light taste is one of the reasons why so many wine lovers prefer it.

You can find varities of Alsace wines in the supermarkets and in the special wine chains, as well as in the Asian restaurants.



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