The baking additives are part of a special sort of gastronomy, usually called a molecular gastronomy, for it is including some “X ingredients” that aren’t exactly known to the common cooks.

The pastry chefs are those that are trying to improve their cakes and they usually go for those kinds of ingredients.

food additives Many don’t agree that these ingredients are safe, but according to the bakeries they are proven as good, for they enhance the flavor, extend the shelf life and improve the taste. Those X ingredients are very difficult to find at the market.

These are such items as trimoline, sorbet stabilizers, atomized glucose and pectin NH. Emulsifiers are also part of these types of ingredients that are yet unknown.

According to the chemists, these aren’t dangerous ingredients, but most of the housewives don’t trust them, simply because they are not likely to be used in the common kitchen.

baking additives

For instance, the trimoline is a sweetening additive and it is used in the ice cream making. You can’t find it at the store, because it is clearly a “professional” additive. The emulsifiers are also labeled as X ingredients, but you should know they are simply improving the taste of the cake or the cake filling.

food additives

In this matter, the X ingredients aren’t dangerous and you should consume products that include them without any concern. So far, they are proven to be safe.



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