Whether a simple affair with white bread and cheese slices or gourmet with fancy bread and exotic cheeses, the grilled cheese sandwich is an all time favorite and loved by all. For many it is the one comfort food that eases all pain and misery be it an aching knee or a broken heart. The humble cheese has traveled long distances to evolve into gourmet food that is served by some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry.

grilled cheeseMany of us have fond memories associated with grilled cheese sandwiches; sitting on the breakfast counter with family and waiting for your turn as the sizzling aroma rises from the skillet, or that extra cheese sandwich that mom made when you  were heartbroken over a  break up. Many childhood and adolescent memories are associated with this favorite comfort food.

The modern chefs have taken the simple grilled cheese sandwich and raised it to another level with gourmet breads and exotic cheese from around the world and not to forget unusual toppings too.

Here are a few of the best grilled cheese sandwiches available in the top LA restaurants.

If you are a cheese lover the one LA event you can’t afford to miss out is the Grilled Cheese Invitational. Every year in the month of April, LA hosts a cook off, which you can participate in with a nominal fee of $5. You not only get to cook your favorite version of grilled cheese but also get to taste what the others have made. It couldn’t get better.

The Silver Lake Cheese shop lets you cook your own grilled cheese sandwich with the choicest of ingredients. You can choose from lovely cheese like the gouda, gorgonzola and smoked cheddar and use spreads like sun dried tomato compote, horseradish aoli or maybe basil pesto. Combine them with sourdough or rosemary or maybe ciabatta to create your fantasy.

No gourmet combination comes close to the exotic offering at Greenspan. Made with toasted raisin bread and filled with short ribs, arugula, apricot caper puree and not too forget tallegio cheese. Can you really call it just a grilled cheese sandwich?

Campanile hosts a grilled cheese night every Thursday. The menu offers the choicest offerings of the season on La Brea Bakery bread, making it an irresistible offer.

Some of the best grilled cheese can be had every April at Clementine where the best grilled cheese is served in honor of the Grilled Cheese month. Every week you have new combinations, each better than the other!



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