In case you are going to prepare some sweets for Halloween, here is one perfect recipe for this matter: the haunted graveyard cake.

The ingredients you need are: 85g cocoa powder, 200g flour, 375 g light brown muscovado sugar, 4 eggs, 200ml milk and 175ml vegetable oil. The ingredients you need for the decoration are: 1 egg white, 50g icing sugar, 200ml single cream, 200g dark chocolate , 125g rich tea finger biscuits, 100g double chocolate cookies, 25g white chocolate and silver balls to decorate. The first step is to prepare the cake.

homemade sweets 1

Mix together the cocoa powder, the flour and the sugar in a large bowl. In another bowl add the eggs, the milk and the oil, mix them well and stir the mixture into the cocoa powder mixture. Beat them till smooth and place the mixture into a deep baking dish. Bake for no longer than 30 minutes and leave it on a serving plate to cool a bit.

homemade sweets 2

The decoration is the very next step. Heat the cream in the sauce pan and then place dark chocolate over the hot mixture. Leave it for 5 minutes, until the chocolate is melted. In another bowl, melt the white chocolate and shape it into the form of ghosts. Leave it aside and pour the dark chocolate mixture over the cake.

homemade sweets 3

Smooth it with knife and then whizz the chocolate cookies as you decorate them with some white chocolate ornaments. Meanwhile place the white chocolate ghosts near the biscuits and serve cool. You can also choose different colored chocolate for the decoration and you can form some pumpkins and scary ornaments on the top of the cake.



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