In case you are a traditionalist and you want to spend Thanksgiving in a classic atmosphere, here are the best places to visit in this matter. In Plymouth, MA the tradition of the fest is still alive.

The Plymouth Plantation is a bicultural museum, where thousands of people gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving in the old traditional spirit. There the time stops, when it is Thanksgiving. The colonial atmosphere of 17th century is recreated by artists and specially trained staff members.

thanksgiving dinner

It is here that the guests learn about the Pilgrims’ 1620 ocean crossing and about the first English colonies in the country, while enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner.

Bennington, Vermont is yet another place to spend Thanksgiving as it was spent in the 17th century.

traditional thanksgiving dinner

The Four Chimneys Inn and restaurant is offering a classy holiday in a historical house. The resort is placed in an old house built in 1783 and burned in 1910. The house was restored as the traditional stone structure of it is kept.

Many celebrities also spent Thanksgiving in a traditional way in the Four Chimneys. Elizabeth Taylor is one of them.

As for the meals, the place is offering really traditional meals by their original recipes. You can spend the celebration with meals like Sweet Potatoes Bisque, Smoked Salmon Mousse and toasted pumpkin seed.

The Camden Harbor Inn in Camden, Maine is also another good place to visit for Thanksgiving. Here you will be welcomed with glass of champagne and your breakfast meal will surely include fresh pastries made following original old recipe. On Thanksgiving Day the five-star restaurant is offering an authentic dinner with traditional meals as the atmosphere is all about Thanksgiving. A traditional turkey with classic sides is the best meal to choose in Camden.


Blue Willow Inn is often called the best American place to spend the holidays. It is place in Social Circle, GA and it is offering a real Thanksgiving celebration. The decoration is also part of Thanksgiving. Here you will see an original decoration typical for the early 1600s in New England.

There is also a special exhibition and you can observe the old traditions of the feast, represented by special actors. Another stop in your Thanksgiving visit there is the Natural History Museum. The bonuses on the meal are the cornbread and the English cheese pie. The cornbread was admired by English and Native Americans, while the English cheese pie was part of the English Thanksgiving menu.



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