Did you know that serving pizza can be a very fun thing for kids who like to eat it with bare hands without using the fork and knife? Also did you know that this is the right method of serving pizza, the knife and the fork being optional and in many cases showing bad manners if used to enjoy this dish?

Here are the few rules from the proper etiquette for serving pizza.

Hot or cold?

serving pizzaHere are the few rules from the proper etiquette for serving pizza.Pizza must be hot enough so when it is served the cheese will slightly burn the palate. This is actually called “a pizza burn” and it is the excellent way to remember serving pizza for a few days.

It is important that the temperature would be high enough so when you cut the pizza the cheese will form “threads” on the plate. If this does not happen the temperature isn’t the right one and you might have to reheat the pizza.

Next day leftovers

Pizza can be used for breakfast and reheating it in the microwave is also acceptable. Still make sure not to overheat it. The reheated pizza becomes dry and crispy. Some people say that this way the flavor of the pizza intensifies but a study to determine whether or not this is true has not yet been conducted.

Slicing pizza

When serving pizza keep in mind that the number of slices in which it is cut, must be an even number. The pizza is better and easier to cut with a circular cutter which makes the slices even and cuts fast enough that the cheese won’t stick to the cutter.

Serving pizza

Pizza might as well be served on a plate, wooden board or napkin. You do not need to serve it on expensive china and a cardboard plate is more than enough. Many pizza shops have instated a trend in serving pizza and cardboard boxes are ok to be used as serving plates.

Eating pizza

Pizza must be eaten slice by slice. No matter how hungry you are, you must never eat more than one slice at once. You must always start with the tip of the slice and end with the crust. The crust can also be consumed and in order to encourage this, some restaurants started to prepare pizza with the topping spread to the edge of the crust. Other restaurants offer extra sauce to dip the crust into before enjoying it.



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