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indian restaurant

Choose Carefully The Indian Restaurant’s Delights!

Many carry the notion that food at or from an Indian Restaurant is unhealthy, as Indian cuisine with its spices and curry is not a very healthy cuisine. On the contrary it is the choices that you make that are unhealthy, for authentic Indian food is not unhealthy but may be one of the healthiest […]

preparing cookies

Thumbprint Cookies – the Joy of Old Traditional Sweets

The Thumbprint cookies are one of the most popular sweets, so you should certainly try them out. The preparation isn’t difficult at all. Neither does it take much time. The ingredients you need are: ½ cup unsalted butter, ¼ cup white sugar, 1 egg, ½ tsp vanilla extract, 1 cup flour, 1/8 tsp salt, ¾ […]

wedding cake

Baking A Wedding Cake Is A Challenge Worth Taking

Wedding cakes can be an expensive affair and more so for a bride who may be on a budget. Cakes done by professional bakers look great but cost the earth. You too can make your own wedding cake with a little planning and patience or may be you have a cousin or friend who will […]

pumpkin breads

Pumpkin Bread – The Delicious Dessert To Impress Your Guests

Pumpkin bread is perhaps one of the most famous desserts. In case you want to impress your guests, here is the right way to prepare this delicious dessert. Ingredients The ingredients you need are: 1 ½ cups sugar; ½ cup oil; 2 beaten eggs; ½ can pumpkin; 1 ¾ cups flour; 1 tsp baking soda; […]


Apples: Fruit But Also The Right Food Ingredient

An apple a day keeps the doctor away has been an old adage, but it is quite a meaningful one for apples are rich in vitamins, iron and fiber. Apples are not just fruits but also great food ingredients which can be part of your meal in the form of pies, sauces, desserts etc. Apples […]


Berliner Doughnuts – A Tradition That Conquered US

There is one recipe that will surely surprise your guests – the Berliner doughnuts. Those are one of the most famous international desserts and they taste amazing. Ingredients The ingredients you need are: 1 cup milk; 1/3 cup butter; 1 pkg. dry yeast; 1 tsp. salt; ¼ cup lukewarm water; 4 cups all-purpose flour; ½ […]

cooking shellfish

Cooking Shellfish Is Very Easy For Anyone!

Sea food is hugely popular among most of us. Unless you are a vegetarian or allergic to sea food, shellfish are a great treat. Nothing beats fresh shell fish bought in the local market and cooked at home. Cooking shellfish is not as difficult as it seems. A few tips when buying, storing and cooking […]

apple pie

The Proverbial Apple Pie And The Delicious Style Behind It

One of the best traditional American desserts is the apple pie. In case you are a fan of the traditional recipes, here is one that will surely be a pleasant surprise for your guests. The ingredients you need are: 6 small apples, 3/4 cups all purpose flour, a pinch of salt, 1/2 cup cold margarine, […]

pizza by numbers1

The Pizzeria Craze!

Yummy Pizza, and who would not be in love with it? Well, there is no denying that some hate it. Some say it’s full of the things that we are not supposed to eat, and that is precisely why we love it. Some say it’s nasty yet so tasty. Well, all said and done, there […]

comfort food 1

Comfort Food – The Delight We Can Call Healing

The so many times you need something sweet , or something salty, the many times you need to grab something from the fridge , to enjoy a spoon full of chocolate fudge or ice cream are the moments from or life when we find comfort in the food we eat. When you cook a meal […]