Wedding cakes can be an expensive affair and more so for a bride who may be on a budget. Cakes done by professional bakers look great but cost the earth. You too can make your own wedding cake with a little planning and patience or may be you have a cousin or friend who will do it for you.

wedding cake

Tiered cakes look tough to make, but are not all that difficult to bake and make. All you need is some planning well in advance so that you are not left stranded on the D-day. A little knowledge about keeping the cake sturdy would come in handy too. Baking your own wedding cake can be quite a romantic adventure and if it is a loved one getting married, you couldn’t give a better wedding gift.

Gather all the ingredients and tools that you will need in order to bake a wedding cake. The recipe is important as you can’t use any cake recipe, as the cake needs to be sturdy and yet soft and tasty and it goes without saying that needs to be tasty. Look for wedding cake recipes that meet both the bride’s and your approval.

You need to start two days before the wedding as the cake will be baked a little early to give you the perfect wedding cake. If you are planning a three tiered cake you will normally need a 12”, 9” and 6” tier. The size would depend on the number of guests you are expecting.  You will need to bake all three tiers and remove them from the cake tins thirty minutes after you remove them from the oven. Let the cakes stand overnight.

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A wedding cake should normally be layered too, so when you start on the icing you will need to first cut each tier into three layers. Depending on the flavor chosen you can use fresh fruit and corresponding preserve between two layers. Place the first layer of the largest tier on a cardboard base and cover the top with preserves and fresh fruit, cover with second layer and repeat. Once the third layer is put on top, you will need to cover it with icing. Repeat with the other two tiers too.

The assembling could be done in the marriage hall a few hours before the wedding to make it easier. You will need to hold the tiers together with the help of sturdy straws or preferably ¼” thick dowels. Once the cake is assembled, smoothen the icing and then get down to decorating it.

Depending on your skills, you may choose a simple piping decoration or go overboard with intricate work or even buy prepared decorations to make your cake lovely. You can also do something lovely like asking the florist to bring in some unsprayed flowers that are a part of the centerpiece and use them to decorate the wedding cake.



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