Many carry the notion that food at or from an Indian Restaurant is unhealthy, as Indian cuisine with its spices and curry is not a very healthy cuisine. On the contrary it is the choices that you make that are unhealthy, for authentic Indian food is not unhealthy but may be one of the healthiest foods.

indian restaurantIf you wish to be able to eat healthy even when eating Indian food, there are a few tips that you need to follow each time you order food in or from an Indian Restaurant.

Follow these tips without ever excusing even one of them and you are guaranteed to get delicious healthy Indian Restaurant food.

The first step to healthy food is selecting a bona fide Indian restaurant. Many restaurants have modified the Indian cuisine to suit the local palette, but that is exactly what makes it unhealthy, for no fault of its own.

The genuine Indian cooking ways are very healthy and so are the traditional combinations. Indian cooking normally uses low fat ingredients and lean meat, which are healthy options.

Go through the entire menu and look for ‘tandoori’ dishes. They are the healthiest in the entire menu. Tandoori food is generally spiced liberally and grilled in charcoal ovens at exceptionally high temperatures. Your healthy options would be to choose from fish and chicken. You can also ask the chef to use coconut milk while cooking the dish.

fish recipe

Learn to find and choose the healthy options in an Indian restaurant’s menu. A dish like lamb Rogan Josh though high in calories gives you plenty of antioxidants to help your heart.

You may love the meat curries but if you are looking at making the right choices you need to order a vegetarian side dish along with your curry. A light and healthy choice would be the ‘baingan bhartha’ made of aubergine, onions, tomatoes, ginger and spices like chili and cumin. You can enjoy it with ‘roti’ or Indian bread.

Anything which says crisp or fried should be ruled out as a healthy option. More often than not the dish has been prepared by frying the main if not all ingredients, adding to the fat content. Whether as starters or as the main dish avoid fried and crisps. Another surprising dish that you need to avoid is the ‘biryani’, which is derived from the Persian word for fried.

A few right choices can let you satisfy your curry craving taste buds and also enjoy a healthy Indian Restaurant experience.



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