The so many times you need something sweet , or something salty, the many times you need to grab something from the fridge , to enjoy a spoon full of chocolate fudge or ice cream are the moments from or life when we find comfort in the food we eat.

When you cook a meal that happens to turn out a delight, the satisfaction of enjoying the result and sharing it with your family or friends, makes the whole cooking process even more rewarding.

comfort food 1When clouds of problems gather over your head, the need for grabbing a bite of the food you love most is becoming quite imperative and surprisingly as soon as you do that you feel a lot better.

What is comfort food? By definition it is the food with a certain power over our state of mind and over our feelings.

Normally chocolate, ice cream , chips and junk food rule in the department but there are occasions when enjoying a certain meal equals the feeling, the known comfort food generates.

Take for example a kid, who running outside scratched his knee and comes into the house, crying his heart out. The pain might not be that bad but in his little mind he surely needs the comfort of his mother’s touch.

It is funny that if together with the bandage, out comes a cookie from the cookie jar, the wound is all better and the smile comes back on the little ones face.

comfort food 2

Cooking has a certain power of manipulating comfort food and anybody who is fond of baking knows what I am talking about.

Combining the ingredients and creating the favorite meal of your dear ones has an unsuspected healing power.

The many cake designers that made a name for themselves achieved the spike in their careers because of the passion they stirred in the minds of the public using exactly the feelings comfort food generates.

You would say that that feeling can’t be defined. Think again.

comfort food 3When was the last time when you opened the fridge, the chocolate box or the cookie jar yourself? How did you feel before you did that and how did you feel after?

Trust your feelings and try to understand that sweets have an ultimate power over your spiritual state but then so do the meals you dream or you crave for.

Did it ever happen to you to feel compelled by eating a slice of pizza in spite of the fact you know it is not the healthiest dish? I guess it has happened to all of us.

This is a very realistic example of the thin line that separates the comfort food zone from the zone of our food preference.

When issues tend to pile up or financial possibilities do not allow us to make excesses the food we prefer becomes comfort food.

What gives that food this power over our feelings? The answer lies in the ultimate pleasure of enjoying a delightful dish.

Food is our way to survival but it can also be an effective tool to make us feel better.



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