If you are in the position to order wine at a high class restaurant there are a few things you need to know so nobody will look down on you for not knowing how to do it properly. First you should know that depending on the restaurants profile you can choose to order wine in a glass, a jug or a bottle.

When ordering a glass of wine you can go for the house wine which is usually a Cabernet or Chardonnay at a reasonable price , this being the safest choice possible.

order wineThe wine jug comes usually in two sizes containing enough wine to fill three or six glasses. It is the right option to order wine if you plan to drink more than one glass or if you are part of a group sitting at the same table with all the members liking the same wine.

In the case you plan to order a bottle you should be aware of the presentation and tasting ritual. This is the moment when the wrong gesture can get you into the unpleasant situation of seeing a waiter rolling his eyes and forming a low opinion as you are concerned. So if you are in this situation consider these few tips to save you of embarrassment.

If at your table suddenly appears a person carrying a wine list, you should know that he or she is the sommelier and in the high class restaurants such a person is responsible to help you choose the right wine. So listen, smile and order the right wine!

The waiter will present you the bottle for approval. Keep your cool because it is not an intelligence test. All you have to do is to look at the label and nod if you approve, this showing he brought the right bottle.

The waiter will open the bottle and put the cork on the table. Do not smell the cork and if it is offered to you just look at it. The cork should not carry traces of molding or decay.

The waiter will pour a sample in your glass for your tasting. Aerate for a few seconds and taste. Do not raise the glass into the light because unless you know what to look for it will look rather ridiculous than sophisticated.

If the wine is unacceptable now is the moment to refuse it. If not, smile like a connoisseur and approve with a gesture, and the waiter will pour the wine in the glasses.

It is true that you need to respect some etiquette to order wine while dinning out in a restaurant but if you follow these basic steps you cannot make mistakes.



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