Endives are a leafy vegetable from the daisy family. They are a great addition to salads and other dishes. Endives hold well on their own to when cooked well. Cooking endives is quite simple if a few things are kept in mind. Endives belong to the chicory family, thus a slight bitterness is to be expected in the taste. It is usually overcome (almost) by slowly cooking endives with other flavors.

Endives can be consumed raw too, if you like the slight bitterness in taste and especially if they are paired with salty blue cheese and sweet apples. The bitterness is balanced with the sweet and salt.

endivesSome popular recipes for braising endives would include cooking with lemon and butter over a low flame for long hours. If this sounds a little too simplistic for your taste buds try some of these tasty ways of cooking endives.

Pick some fairly large endives and trim the outer leaves. Soak the endives in some salted water for a short period of time. Blanch and remove them from the water and press them to remove excess water.

If the endives are very large you may consider halving them and tying each half separately. Add the endives to a stew pan with an onion and some ham. Add a vegetable or chicken stock and let them cook till tender.

When they are done remove and press the endives, retaining the shape. Serve with any dish of your preference.

You may also try cooking endives with onion, ham and some butter, cover and slowly roast the ingredients over a low fire. When the endives are tender remove the ham and onion and add brown sauce, and season with salt, sugar and pepper. Give it a few boils before serving.

How about something a little more complex and mouth watering? Get a few endives and split them into half. Blanch the endives and after draining, season with a little pepper, salt and nutmeg.

After tying the endives place them in a stew pan and cover with a few slices of bacon. Now add to each of them onions, carrots, garlic cloves and then a bunch of fragrant herbs. Moisten the tasty mound with consommé skimmings and stew it for a good three hours. Drain and press in a cloth. Trim the endives and serve.

You can try other combinations of your choice when cooking endives. Remember not to serve them with a thick sauce and also to reduce the liquid while braising to give them a glaze.



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