Exotic cocktails can bring in the oomph to any party, so it makes sense that you add a few to your repertoire. Cocktails are not all that hard to master, if you know what to use, how to use and how much of it to use.

Here are a few exotic cocktails that will remind you and your guests of exotic locales across the globe. They work equally well if you are planning a quiet romantic evening with your partner. A few basic ingredients combined with some exotic ones do the trick really well.

exotic cocktailsLychee Martini is an exotic drink that takes you all the way to Asia and its charms for it is a delicate drink which shows plenty of elegance. You will need ice cubes, four oz lychee juice, six oz of vodka and a splash of vermouth.

Fill the shaker with ice and then add the lychee juice, vodka and vermouth. Shake well, till chilled. You will need a martini glass to do the drink justice. Add a couple of lychees for garnish.  Use of an orchid can add some more to the ‘exotic’.

Mai Tai is true to its name which in Tahiti means “out of this world”. The drink has been a favorite since 1944, so you can’t afford not to know how to dispense it.

All you need are 2 oz light rum, 1 oz dark rum, 1oz of triple sec, I oz of a crème de almond, pineapple juice and sweet and sour mix to taste. Choose a Collins glass to serve this exotica.

Start with light rum and then slowly add the crème de almond followed by the triple sec. Add sour mix and pineapple juice in equal parts. Now add the dark rum and don’t stir before serving.

A sexy sounding cocktail, Between the Sheets gives you the license to flirt. All you need are equal parts light rum, brandy and triple sec (3/4 oz) along with half an ounce of lemon juice and ice cubes. Pour in the ingredients into the cocktail shaker along with ice cubes. Shake it well and then strain it into a martini glass. Lemon twists add the zing as garnish.

Some other popular exotic cocktails include Pina Colada, Blue Lagoon, Mango Daiquiri, Rum Runner and Bahama Mama.

Recently the lovers of exotic cocktail indulged in one and half hours of sheer bliss with mixologists Tom Brown and Chris Kelly (the resident bartender) at Mie N Yu. They learnt about the origins and histories of popular and exotic cocktails. The enthusiasts learned a few tips and cocktail recipes from the experts themselves.

The attendees were served light snacks and enjoyed multiple cocktails which included Brown and Kelly’s creations and classics like Moscow Mule and Bombay government Punch of 1694.



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