You may enjoy wine, but not be aware of the wine secrets that can enhance your pleasure. Each time you see a wine snob swirling the wine, sniffing it and then sipping it with their closed eyes, you think what it is that the other guy knows and you don’t.

Well here are a few wine secrets that in all probability the wine snobs are also not aware of. These secrets will not only increase your enjoyment but also keep you from spending on the most expensive bottle.

wine secretsVintage has always been given preference, the older the better, but it is no longer so. Winemakers no longer have the patience to store wines for years together before releasing it into the market.

Even when they produce wine, they expect it to be consumed within a year. Another thing that is affecting the aging of wines is that they are normally transported in temperatures around 70 degrees, which makes the wine age faster.

So you can happily choose a younger vintage of the same wine, pay less and enjoy it as much as an older vintage.

You can rarely go wrong with a wine from the 1990’s. But it sure helps to know a little about wineries. Sometimes a particular vintage from a popular name may be more expensive than another wine from the same year, but its quality may not be as good.

Another little known wine secret is to do with the serving temperature.  Red wine should be served at room temperature. Unfortunately what most people don’t realize that room temperature here refers to the temperature of the cellars where the wine is stored, which hovers around 55 degrees, much lower than the regular room temperature.

A warm red wine will never disclose its complete bouquet of flavors and will carry a bite that makes it the underling to white wine. A slightly cooler serving temperature will let you enjoy the wine to its fullest. The same is true for the white wine that does not have to be chilled but just served a little cooler than the cellar temperature to reveal their true flavors.

Swirling wine looks cool, but is very practical too. When you swirl the wine in your glass, it helps release the aroma of the wine. It will help you identify if the wine is good or spoiled. A wet cardboard moldy smell would mean that the wine is no longer good to drink. Another thing would be the color of the wine. A red wine which looks a little brown or a white wine that is going the yellow way may mean that you have spoiled wine in your glass.

With these important wine secrets you can now beat the wine snob at his own game.



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