The marzipan is one of the oldest sweets in the world. The origin of this delicacy is shrouded in the mystery of the time and probably that’s why there are various stories about it.

marzipan fruits

It is known, that in the ancient times the practice to mix almonds with sugar-cane juice was very popular in the Mediterranean countries as well as in India. The so called divine food was served only to noble persons and it wasn’t very affordable. The roots of the marzipan should be sought in the Orient, where the main ingredients of the marzipan are extremely popular.

Marzipan is made out of almonds, rose water and chocolate. For a long time this sweet was reserved for the royal privileges and the aristocracy. The reason is very simple – sugar was very expensive at that time.

marzipan bananas

From the eighteenth century, sugar became more accessible through more intensive cultivation of sugarcane in the colonies. So, the marzipan began to appear on more modest tables, but without losing its former glory.

Marzipan is known primarily as a sweet snack, but according to the old books it was used in the medicines because of its healthy ingredients. As for the name, it comes from the Italian word marzapane.

The marzapane represents dough made out of almonds, sugar, eggs, lemon and vanilla.

It is still one of the masterpieces of the Sicilian pastry. Its recipe was kept a secret and the marzipan was only prepared in Sicily.

Later on, the legend says that the marzipan became so popular, that even the Pope couldn’t celebrate Christmas without this amazing sweet on the festive table.

There is also another town in Europe that is linked with the marzipan. The German town of Lubeck is praised as the town, where you can taste the best marzipan in the world.

There is a local legend about a baker that found the almond dough made out of sugar, eggs, almonds and rose water. The baker made all sorts of marzipan figures, in order to delight his children for Christmas. The tradition for preparing marzipan cookies dates ever since 1400. Nowadays anyone can bake marzipan cookies.

marzipan cake

The biggest chefs share that the secret is to use raw almonds. You can also bake the marzipan with chocolate pieces and all kind of dried fruits. The marzipan cookies are easy to prepare. The original recipe though, still includes only almonds, flour, eggs and rose water.



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