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roquefort cheese

Cheese – The Spectacular French Types

France is nevertheless the country where from originated a large selection of cheese. There are around 400 types of cheese produced every year in certain areas of France but the most appreciated remain the types known worldwide as the most delicious cheese ever tasted. Bleu d’Auvergne is a French cheese colored in blue. Its name […]

walnut cookies

Desserts Powdered with Sugar – Crisp vs. Soft

A meal is incomplete until it ends with a delicious dessert. Something crisp and sweet, something soft and sweet or just something that melts into the mouth is surely a dream. And if these sweet nothings happened to be lightly dusted with sugar powder frosting or may be even covered completely with it, they not […]


4 Desserts to Try at Least Once in a Lifetime

All over the world the power of the mighty delight hidden in a sweet dish has proved its power over diets and human will. However restricted we are and no matter how strong the decision not to eat sweets is, there are 4 famous desserts we have to try at least once. 1. Tiramisu Tiramisu […]

cheese sauce

Cream and Cheese Pasta Sauce – A Light Delight

In case you want to try something new, but very delicious, here is a special recipe for a cream and cheese pasta sauce. The ingredients you need are: 600 ml of milk, 40 g of flour, 40 g of butter, 55 g of Cheddar cheese, 30 g of Parmesan cheese, salt, pepper and a pinch […]

halloween recipes

Weird And Funny Halloween Recipes

It is time to bring out the weirdest, the craziest and the goriest of your recipes to add to the horror element of your Halloween Party. The mood for a successful theme party is set with the help of the décor and the food. So for your Halloween party to be the talk of the […]

cottage pie

Cottage Pie – Consistent and Sturdy Dish

The cottage pie is a traditional English dish that has been popular over the centuries. It not only makes good use of left over food (when required) but is also very filling and an easy dish to prepare when you have a hungry brood to feed. The main ingredients are minced meat with plenty of […]

cheese fondue

Cheese Fondue and the Secrets for Making It Perfect

There is a meal that surely anyone would love on the table – the fondue. It is very tasty and yet classy meal, which comes from Switzerland. Here are some facts about the fondue that you didn’t know before. The word fondue means “melt” in French and it comes from the fact that fondue is […]


The Sweet History Of Chardonnay

Chardonnay is a popular wine loved across the globe. Its unique flavors have led to quite a bit of illegal activity, which has made it hugely popular. The origins of this flavorful wine are not very clear but it is more or less certain that the first strains of Chardonnay grape were cultivated in Maconnais, […]

crumb bar

8 Delicious, Waist-Friendly Snacks – Keep Your New Year’s Weight-Loss Resolution

Try these delicious, diet-friendly snacks and treats to reach your weight loss goals.


The English Pudding And The Tradition Behind It

The English pudding has taken on many forms and varieties but the traditional pudding was a dish that had been cooked in a pudding cloth or pudding bowl usually boiled or steamed and occasionally baked. It could be sweet or savory. The English pudding is traditionally made with suet. Suet is the fat from inside […]