All over the world the power of the mighty delight hidden in a sweet dish has proved its power over diets and human will. However restricted we are and no matter how strong the decision not to eat sweets is, there are 4 famous desserts we have to try at least once.

1. Tiramisu

tiramisuTiramisu is perhaps one of the most famous desserts in the world. Originated from Tuscany, it has a legendary savor created by the savant combination of Mascarpone and Zabaglione, coffee, Marsala wine, cocoa powder and Italian lady fingers cookies called savoiardi.

All the above create a dessert that has been around for hundreds of years although history places its origins somewhere in 1971.

Francesca Valori is said to have been the person behind the current recipe and the dessert was called Tiramisu after her maiden name.

2. Baklava

The baklava is the most notorious Mediterranean dessert. Extremely sweet and controversial, the today’s version is believed to have been created in Greece. The famous dessert is currently the reason for a Greek – Turkish culinary dispute.

The Greek takes credit for creating it having as proof a paper written in the 3rd century AC by Athenaeus. The Turks state that the paper is about halva – another dessert and claim the property over the origins of baklava placing its home in Gaziantep city from where it became the favorite dessert of the Turkish Sultans.

3. Crème brulee

We got familiar with the crème brulee hearing its name associated with France. The burned sugar cream is a very old dessert present in almost every European cuisine. However the method and the specific taste make crème brulee the queen of its kind. The French have introduced in the recipe made of eggs, milk, burnt sugar and vanilla, fruits, coffee, liquor or spice making a savory dessert fit for the crown heads of Europe.

4. Churros

The famous Spanish doughnuts are not exactly different in composition from the doughnuts we love to enjoy. What makes them special is their unique shape. The stick shape allows them to get crispier and the frying process intensifies the flavors.

Churros have been adopted all over the Latin nations. They are prepared sweet and salty or sometimes with a type of filling. They are served with hot chocolate or spread with chocolate sauce or sugar. The Mexican recipe includes vanilla and this is why this type of churros is the one most loved all over the world.



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