There is a meal that surely anyone would love on the table – the fondue. It is very tasty and yet classy meal, which comes from Switzerland. Here are some facts about the fondue that you didn’t know before.

The word fondue means “melt” in French and it comes from the fact that fondue is made out of melted cheese. France is the country that is famous for fondue but actually Switzerland is the mother of fondue.

cheese fondueThe fondue was first prepared in the Canton of Neuchatel. The original recipe contains two varieties of cheeses – melted with wine and flour.

The dish dates back to the 18th century, when cheese was very important for the industry of Switzerland. Wine also has an important place in the Switzerland homes; thus the fondue combines two of the most famous products in the country.

The traditional Swiss fondue is prepared with attention to each of the components. The common fondue is made of two cheeses – the Gruyere and the Emmentaler. They are combined together because their mixture is perfect for cooking.

It isn’t too sharp or too bland. The Swiss tradition in this matter is to soak the mixture into dry white wine. It adds the famous favor of the fondue.

Another important fondue component is the so called Kirsch. It is a clear cherry brandy that is added to the cheese, especially when the cheese is too young. The first fondue recipe has another ingredient- the garlic. It adds special aroma and flavor to the fondue.

swiss cheese fondueEach Swiss town has its own fondue recipe. For instance, the fondue in Geneva is made out of three sorts of cheese – Gruyere, Emmentaler and Walliser Bergkase.

The secret of the Geneva’s fondue is the mushrooms. The fondue there contains a special type of flour, which gives the rich taste to the fondue.

Nowadays the chefs are adding plums and cider in their fondues. This adds an amazing aroma to the fondue. Another interesting fact for the fondue is the traditional fondue pot, called caquelon.

The caquelon is made of heavy earthenware and it was the most common fondue pot for at least a century. The glazed ceramic is the other common fondue pot.

Fondue wouldn’t taste the same without the baguette. You can also try Italian or French breads, for they are a perfect fondue combination.

They are crusty breads which taste amazing when dipped in the fondue. Of course, the best drink for a fondue dinner remains the white wine.



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