France is nevertheless the country where from originated a large selection of cheese. There are around 400 types of cheese produced every year in certain areas of France but the most appreciated remain the types known worldwide as the most delicious cheese ever tasted.

roquefort cheeseBleu d’Auvergne is a French cheese colored in blue. Its name comes from Auvergne region in the South of France. The main ingredient is cow’s milk and after it is made, this cheese is stored for a month in places away from sunlight.

Bleu d’Auvergne has a very strong taste but it is less salty than other types having a creamy consistency. It is often used for preparing salad sauces or served as dessert next to apples, pears or biscuits accompanied by red wine.

Morbier is a cheese of medium consistency not exactly soft or hard named after a small town in France – Morbier. This cheese has a pink color and it is easy to spread on bread being easy to recognize by the black line in the middle.

The side above the black line comes from the milk collected in the morning while the cheese below the line is resulted from the cheese collected in the evening.

The slightly bitter taste makes this cheese to be less popular but it is an excellent appetizer for fancy parties.

Beaufort is a hard consistency cheese resulted from cow milk and produced in the Beaufort area from the French Alps. The Beaufort cheese can be found in three varieties: Beaufort de Savoie made during summer, Beaufort d’alpage and Beaufort d’hiver made during winter.

Beaufort is a cheese with a spectacular taste and a unique flavor due to the altitude where it is produced. It melts easily, reason for which it is frequently used in preparing melted cheese. It goes perfectly with smoked salmon and a glass of white wine.

Roquefort is a blue mold cheese, made of sheep milk in the South of France and it is one of the most notorious French cheeses. The taste varies from salty to sweet and smoked. Because in order to produce one kilogram of it they use five liters of milk, this cheese is very rich in protein, minerals and calcium.

Brie is made from cow’s milk and originates from French province, Brie. The color is yellow and it is covered by a layer of white mold. This type has a unique savor, it is soft and creamy and currently it is prepared from different types of milk all over the world. Technically, this is the perfect desert cheese served with grapes and white wine.



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