The cottage pie is a traditional English dish that has been popular over the centuries. It not only makes good use of left over food (when required) but is also very filling and an easy dish to prepare when you have a hungry brood to feed.

The main ingredients are minced meat with plenty of vegetables, generous amount of creamy potato mash and oodles of grated cheese.

cottage pie

Cottage Pie normally uses minced beef though you can choose your variety of meat and change the name accordingly to Shepherd Pie (lamb) or Fisherman Pie (fish).

The minced meat needs to be cooked in oil with plenty of onions and garlic along with whole lot of vegetables. The thick gravy can be flavored with thyme or bay leaves which will have to be removed before you put the mince into the baking tray.

You can choose to add wine, Worcestershire sauce and herbs to enhance the flavor. Once the mince has cooled off completely you need to cover it completely with potato mash and then top it off with plenty of cheese before you put it into the oven. Bake till golden brown and serve.

You can also freeze the pie to be baked later. Once you have arranged all the layers in the dish simply cover it with cling film and freeze. All you need to do is defrost it overnight in the refrigerator and bake it when required.



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