In case you are wondering about the festive cake, here is a chart about the best festive cakes. There is no celebration without the fresh coconut layer cake.

This is a very famous and light cake, which is part of any festive table. The secret behind its popularity is perhaps the fact that the layers of the cakes are brushed with coconut syrup.

coconut layer and mascarpone filled cake

The second best cake for any fest is the Mascarpone-filled cake with berries. This is an Italian cake with very tasty vanilla layers and Mascarpone cream. The summer best berries are a bonus that makes the taste unforgettable.

In case you love ice cream, there is one festive cake that is surely going to leave you speechless. Prepare for a delicious adventure with the Ice-Cream Cone Cake. This is a traditional American cake and the butter cream is the key to its almost perfect taste.

icecream cone and mixed berry cake

The holidays are all about emotions and love. Therefore, the Persian love cake is the next best cake for celebrations. The Persian sweets are famous with their taste, but this cake tops the chart. It is a very light cardamom chiffon cake that is filled with saffron and rose scented cream. The Middle Eastern cake should be served cold.

There are many people that prefer their cake served with fruits. If you are one of them, the Mixed-Berry Chiffon Cake with almond cream cheese frosting is the right festive cake for you. It is a perfect cake for weddings, graduation parties or other special occasions. The almonds enrich the taste, while the raspberries are the biggest surprise in this cake.

chocolate heart layer and lemon curd cake

The chocolate fans can go for one of the most desirable cakes – the Chocolate Heart Layer Cake with Chocolate-Cinnamon Mousse. This is very sweet cake that offers complex flavor of chocolate, cinnamon, chai tea and cherry. It is perfect for romantic occasions.

The New Year party couldn’t be the same without the Lemon Curt Mousse Cake. It goes perfectly with champagne, for it is filled with light lemon mousse.  The chart for the best festive cakes can’t go without the Tropical Carrot Cake with coconut cream cheese frosting. This is a cake that offsets extravagant and rich taste, so go for it in case you want to surprise your guest. The Tropical Carrot Cake includes coconut, macadamia nuts, pineapple and of course cheese frosting for stronger taste.



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