It is time to bring out the weirdest, the craziest and the goriest of your recipes to add to the horror element of your Halloween Party. The mood for a successful theme party is set with the help of the décor and the food. So for your Halloween party to be the talk of the town you need the spookiest décor items and some truly weird and funny Halloween recipes.

Some of the favorite Halloween recipes are those where the end products look like body parts or gory messes. Most of these recipes taste great and are loved by the guests who come looking for stuff to spook them out. So what gets to you? A few cut fingers dipped in a gory looking dip or is it brain pate or may be you like bleeding hands.

halloween recipesHow about a bloody drink?  The options are endless and even ordinary food can be turned into bizarre Halloween food with a little creativity.

Some interesting and easy Halloween recipes for a kid’s party would be mummy pizza or mummy dogs, both very simple to make and a tasty treat for the kids. The kids also love to hog on stuff like bone cookies, zombie cookies or bleeding cookies.

Actually the concept here is pretty simple; all you need to do is get creative when baking cookies, use food colors like red and green to gross them out. The cookies can be of weird shapes too and you can also use plenty of white frosting in multiple lines to give a mummy effect.

Cream cheese and marshmallows along with a little lemon gelatin and pineapple juice can be converted into bite sized eyeballs. If the kids are a little older you can also try bleeding witches fingers, made out of sausages and made to look like fingers dipped in a red dip. Though weird all these Halloween recipes are very tasty and a great success with guests.

If you are hosting an adult party you can go wild or should we say weird with your creativity. Bizarre and totally gross Halloween recipes like used tampons , baby diaper goo-actually tasty hummus, slimy tapeworm sandwiches-made with sliced hot dogs, Maggot stew-long grain rice, pop a few pimples -pomegranate seeds, tasty roaches or grubs, the list is endless.

Different combinations with gello skulls and plastic skulls filled with gooey stuff are always popular.

A little creative presentation and some interesting Halloween recipes will make your Halloween party a great success.



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