The foie gras is arguably one of the most famous dishes of the French cuisine and along with its mighty history many other types of liver pâtés came to challenge its fame.

Traditionally the liver pâté is made of bird, cow or pig liver depending on the preferences and tastes of the consumer. Of course there are many types of more exotic liver pâtés different from the ones we came to know during our history of a fond of gastronomy society.

foie grasThese are salmon pâté, tuna pâté and their vegan or vegetarian versions in the form of soy pâté, lentils pâté or all vegan vegetable pâté.

Foie gras, however remains for certain the most famous representative of this dish and nowadays it is rightfully called the caviar of liver pâtés.

In the French and Belgian cuisine the pâté is often baked inside a pie crust or in a terrine shape receiving the name of “pâté en terrine”.

In Holland, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Sweden and Austria, some types of pâtés are shaped in the form of sausage and called everworst ( Holland), májpástétom/májkrém (Hungary) or the all famous Leberwurst (Germany).

Some pâtés are served sliced, others are spreadable. All go perfectly served as appetizers at a fancy dinner but can as well be the tasty sandwich treat for breakfast or afternoon snack.

The versatility of the liver pâté allows is to be combined with a variety of herbs and spices each giving it a unique flavor and a more spectacular taste.

The foie gras is rather special as serving goes. Because of its high level of fats, the foie gras is better combined with other foods which will “cut down” the fatty taste and underline the flavor.

The slightly acidic taste of the pine nuts fights the fat in the foie gras and creates a perfect combination. If they are roasted and crispy, they are perfect over a slice of foie gras served on toast.

Adding foie gras inside a green lettuce salad will allow you to enjoy it without worrying about your waistline. The high fiber content of the lettuce will ease the digestion.

A very delicious but unusual combination is combining foie gras with red fruit jam. The best jam for the purpose is the one made of berries. Still you will have to consume this delight only as a very small treat.

The combination is tasteful, rich in calories and very heavy for digestion.



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