The lady of the house when preparing a tasteful meal fit to entertain guests should know few basic steps in order to combine the dishes with the right type of wine.

It is common knowledge that there are certain types of dishes that fit only certain types of wines; so in order not to ruin both – the dish and the wine, one must be very careful.

wine with foodWhen planning the types of wine that will be served at the table it is best to choose it depending on the sauces that will accompany the food. This way a white sour cream and mushroom sauce will go just right with a sturdy white wine the type of Bourgogne.

There are certain sauces like the ones prepared with horseradish or peppermint which diminish the taste of the fine wines. In these cases it is recommendable to serve a robust table wine like Muscadet.

Also, for the fried or fatty foods, a robust wine will refresh the taste and remove the fatty taste. With the fried fish, a white Italian or Spanish wine goes perfectly; and for the fat fowl meat, a red quality wine – the type of red Bourgogne is recommended.

With the main courses as well as with the stews or oven baked casseroles, the right wines are the red wines. The famous goulash goes with a strong red wine – the type of Hungarian Bull’s Blood. As for the steamed white meat, the perfect wine is a light red one – the type of Merlot or Gamay.

You should never serve a dry wine after desserts or sweets. The result will be a disaster.

If during the meal you serve a single type of wine, make sure you start with the newer one and continue with the oldest. If you serve several types of wine, start with the light ones and then the most robust, ending with the smoothest ones.

The crustaceous are best served with dry white wines, white or rose, very well chilled. The fish dishes go perfectly with rose wines but in this case the taste of the fish is the decisive factor. For example, the trout which has a very subtle flavor goes perfectly with a delicate rose wine – the type of Anjou or Riesling. The stronger flavored fish is better served with a heavy wine like Rioja of White Bourgogne.

The fowl is best accompanied with red and white wine. In France the goose and the duck are served with red Bourdeaux although they go perfectly with Riesling too.

Strong flavored side dishes call for stronger wines while delicate ones require a softer wine to complement them.



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