The caviar is something rather exclusive, only the very socially conscious and financially fit have the privilege to taste. Or so it was for many centuries. However this exclusive dish has the most realistic cause for which it is so rare and hence so expensive.

caviarThe sturgeon fish – the fish species producing the black fish eggs we know as caviar – take a very long time to mature and produce them.

A sturgeon matures between 6 and 20 years and this is what makes the item to be so rare. The quantity is small and hence the price comes to match it.

The top three types of caviar known all over the world because of the taste and price are: Beluga, Ossetra and Sevruga.

The most appreciated caviar type is Beluga because of the size of the grains which are bigger than the other types. The product is amazingly smooth and it is the signature dish for cocktails and receptions, spectacular parties and fancy galas.

The best black caviar is produced in Russia and tradition says that it was introduced in France around 1920 by the Russian princes spending their time in Paris. Caesar Ritz was the first hotel that introduced the delight in its menu.

How is caviar made?

After taken from the female sturgeon’s belly, the fish eggs are washed, sifted and salted, then drained and placed in metal boxes. When served, the caviar is taken from the original box and placed on a plate covered with ice or inside special crystal glasses. The more spectacular serving is done on an artistically sculpted ice block.

The mise-en-place is done differently conditioned by how the caviar is served. When served on the ice plate you should prepare small plates, napkins, wine glasses, toast and butter knives. When served in cups, the cups are brought to the table accompanied by napkins and tea spoons.

If you serve it out of the original box, this should be placed on a bed of shredded ice. In this case you must use an ivory, crystal or bone spoon and the caviar is placed on the chilled dessert plate. The guests must be offered a special caviar knife.

All the above serving styles must include toast, butter and lemon. Of course, this exclusive dish must also be accompanied by vodka, dry white wine or the mandatory champagne meant to underline its nobility.



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