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Dulce de leche

How to make Dulce de leche – Sweet Caramel Milk Delight

Dulce de Leche is highly addictive and it is quite easy to empty jars in one go. It is used across South America as part of the daily food routine. The name means milk candy or sweet. Extremely simple to cook, it is almost wondrous how a can of condensed milk turns into a caramelised […]

wedding cake

Wedding Cake – The Savant Creation and Its History

The wedding cake has been around for centuries coming from the days of the Roman Empire. Of course then, the Romans did not have elaborated cakes with amazing sugar flowers and lovely buttercream. They mainly used wheat bread slices which were broken over the heads of the bride and groom in order to bring them […]

United Kingdom Cooking

The Famous Traditions of the United Kingdom Cooking

The Victorian United Kingdom used to import 80% of the food resources. The high price and the limited resources created the so called English frugality. This is how the English traditional cooking has a lot of dishes based on the meal from the previous day. In tradition, the Monday menu contained boiled potatoes and slices […]

Wild Rice

Wild Rice – A Healthy Food Option

Wild rice is catching the fancy of people who are always on the look out for healthier food options. Contrary to its name the grain is not really rice. Like rice it grows in standing water (though deeper), and belongs to the grass family. It is a native of North America and grows wild in […]

cooking tips

Successful Dinner Party Recipe for a Modern Lady

Hosting a dinner party can be a challenge for the regular career women of today. The ladies no longer have time to spare on long kitchen duties but this does not mean that you can’t get applause for a well thought out dinner. Here are a few basic steps through which you can amaze the […]

caesar salad

The Famous Gourmet Dishes of the World

We hear their names in the movies when our favorite characters take their loved ones to a restaurant or simply cook an amazing dinner for themselves. There are sounding names that take us to the immediate sensation of expecting to taste something out of the ordinary. How did they become this way? The answer is […]

corned beef and cabbage

Corned Beef and Cabbage – The Special Irish Dish

Corned beef and cabbage have always been considered as the staple Irish food, but one could not be more wrong. This like many others is only a myth about Ireland and its people. Beef was never the meat of choice; it was always pork in its various forms. Nonetheless, circumstances have led to the belief […]

gold rush cocktail

Ultra Dry vs Ginger Touch in a Friday Night Cocktail

Friday nights’ cocktails are a tradition in every country of the world and we grow fond of a certain bar especially because of the cocktail we enjoyed there. When it is up to us to choose between deliciously sweet & sour and sturdy bitter traditional taste we should really know what lies behind each of […]

Pesto - Italian Original and Basil Scented Sauce

Pesto – Italian Original and Basil Scented Sauce

If you have a thing for Italian food and you want to prepare a genuine Italian sauce, you don’t necessarily have to use tomatoes. Pesto has been around for many centuries and its exquisite texture and taste is a signature for the light Italian cuisine. The main ingredient for a classical pesto is basil. The […]