Hosting a dinner party can be a challenge for the regular career women of today. The ladies no longer have time to spare on long kitchen duties but this does not mean that you can’t get applause for a well thought out dinner.

cooking tipsHere are a few basic steps through which you can amaze the most pretentious guests.

If you want to serve crispy potatoes, just boil some a day before the dinner date. Drain them and peel the crust.

Cut them in slices, heat some canola oil and roast the boiled potatoes until they get a crust and you will have a fast and delicious garnish for your stake.

If you plan to cook Brussels sprouts you should go for the frozen option. You don’t need to defreeze it and you can cook it right away because it is already boiled.  Just put some butter in a pan and cook the sprouts until they are slightly brown.

When cooking the stake, mix salt with oil and herbs. “Paint” the stake with this mixture before putting it in the oven. The result will be an amazing crust your guests will enjoy.

If you plan onion rings for your appetizer salad, make sure you cut the onions in half and leave them in water for 15 minutes before cutting. The water will drain the harsh taste and leave just the right flavor; not to mention that you won’t ruin your make-up while cutting them.

What do you do if in spite of your best efforts the sauce is lumpy? Well…you do not need to panic. Just mix it with a spoon or with a mixer. If it is not fixed this way just filter it through a sieve and you solved the crisis.

If you are not a pastry chef but you would like to impress the guests with a spectacular desert, buy a panettone, cut the top and carve the inner core. Fill the empty space with ice cream and cover with the top. Dress the top with meringue and put it in the heated oven for a few min until the meringue is slightly brown. You will surely get a round of applause for this one.

If you plan to serve a cheese plate with fruit, make sure you buy Camembert a week before the event so the cheese will have time to mature. Add Brie and Roquefort and make sure you accompany the plate with grapes and pears. The effect will be stunning.

Do you want to turn a regular wine into a delicious cocktail? Mix in the juice of a ripe peach or simply add the pureed. The impression will be a grand one.



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