Dulce de Leche is highly addictive and it is quite easy to empty jars in one go. It is used across South America as part of the daily food routine. The name means milk candy or sweet.

Extremely simple to cook, it is almost wondrous how a can of condensed milk turns into a caramelised goody that is… oh… so delicious.

Dulce De Leche can be devoured on its own, used on cakes or spread on cookies or bread. Home made Dulce de Leche is not just tastier but thicker and creamier than the one bought from store. It is actually very simple to make but does need a lot of time and patience.

Dulce de leche

All you need is a can of condensed milk, water and some cinnamon/vanilla/nutmeg to flavour. You can either make a couple of holes in the can lid or cut open half of it. Don’t pull back the lid. Place it in a deep sauce pan. Pour water into the sauce pan till the can is ¾ immersed.

Bring the water to boil and let the can sit in the boiling water for three-four hours. Keep adding water to maintain the water level as it evaporates.

Three hours of letting the condensed milk cook will result in caramelised sauce of golden brown colour as shown in the picture.

If you need a thicker and richer sauce you can boil it for another hour or so.

Dulce de leche

Move from water and let it cool. When completely cooled add nutmeg, vanilla or cinnamon to flavor it. A little sea salt will bring out the flavors dramatically.

You can also pour it into a bowl and slowly fold in some melted chocolate to create delicious chocolate flavored Dulce de leche.

It is now ready to be used on brownies, cupcakes, ice-creams or anything else that you or your kids may fancy.



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