Friday nights’ cocktails are a tradition in every country of the world and we grow fond of a certain bar especially because of the cocktail we enjoyed there.

gold rush cocktailWhen it is up to us to choose between deliciously sweet & sour and sturdy bitter traditional taste we should really know what lies behind each of them.

The Gold rush cocktail is a smooth combination of bourbon, lemon juice and honey and the recipe has been around since the days of the 1850’s Gold Rush in California.

If you want to add to it a special touch when serving it to your guests, remove the honey from the recipe and add to the cocktail a drop of ginger liqueur.

This will spice a bit the light sour taste and it will also increase the alcohol content.

The Ultra Dry Martini is one of the oldest cocktails in the world.

It is easy to make and perfect for a Friday night with your loved one. Its simple taste and sturdy gin flavor is completed by the traditional presence of the filled olives.

ultra dry martini

The secret of this drink lies in shaking the gin and ice until the ice “freezes” the hand holding the shaker.

Don’t think that this cool cocktail needs a lot of work. It just needs a bit of time to prepare and a sense of style to enjoy.



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