The wedding cake has been around for centuries coming from the days of the Roman Empire. Of course then, the Romans did not have elaborated cakes with amazing sugar flowers and lovely buttercream. They mainly used wheat bread slices which were broken over the heads of the bride and groom in order to bring them luck and prosperity.

wedding cakeThe crumbs falling on the ground symbolized happiness, luck and fertility for the happy couple and “nibbling” them was considered a fortune giving act.

During the Middle Ages the wedding cake was simply biscuits or rock hard cookies.

During those days the guests brought with them a little, muffin sized, cake. The cakes were placed one on top of the other and the bride and groom were supposed to kiss over the pile so their marriage would be fertile and prosper.

In the 17th century the French bakers were baking wheat buns, placing them one on top of the other and covering them with cake filling. That was the moment when the wedding cake started to resemble what it is today.

Nowadays the wedding cake comes in many shapes and sizes: square, round, rectangular or heart shaped. A few decades ago the wedding cakes were a symbol of purity and everybody had the same white simple cake.

Today’s trend allows the bakers to experiment and the wedding cake became a task equal to creating a masterpiece. There are innumerable flavors and options available. The decorations became real works of art; and the invention of fondant and sugar paste made the task of cake making a real challenge for the masters.

The wedding cakes became jewels, beautifully colored in the most spectacular variations of tones. The art of making them look as pretty as a picture became a signature mark of many cake houses of the world.

The cake filling masterpiece has stepped forward with the invention of buttercream. Its many variations enlarged the flavor and texture possibilities.

The top of the class in the world of wedding cake creation was the sugar art. Live looking flowers created out of edible sugar paste, so naturally colored as if they were just picked from the garden, turned the wedding cake into a symphony.

After centuries since it was created as a concept, the wedding cake of today is all about stunning whoever looks at it and tastes it. Complex and elaborate, this baking masterpiece has made a name for itself in the gastronomy hall of fame.



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