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maki sushi

Bring Home the Tradition with Homemade Sushi

Sushi is a delicacy which, with a little skill and a drop of Japanese patience, you can prepare at home. There are a multitude of sushi recipes and you can pick the one with the best ingredients for you. You simply need marine algae, a surface to cut the fish on and a bamboo sushi […]


The Most Delicious Mushroom Types

Gourmet mushrooms have long been favorites of chefs, but are now slowly finding their way to the kitchens and tables of food lovers too. With increasing number of people choosing to be vegetarian and looking for organic options, mushrooms are becoming a popular choice. Like tofu, mushroom takes on the taste of the ingredients they […]

Gum Paste Decorations

How to Make Edible Flowers with Gum Paste?

Gum paste is used to create decorations for cakes and gingerbread houses. It can be rolled thinner than fondant, thus providing more room for creativity. Laces made from gum paste look very delicate and the flowers look life-like as the petals can be made really thin. Gum paste and fondant are prepared in a similar […]


Chickpea – All Vegan and All Great

The chickpea is a very versatile vegetable present in the resourceful Oriental kitchen. It is a vegetable rich in protein and perfectly fit to be a meal by itself for anybody tempted by a vegan diet. The chickpea has originated from the Middle East and it has been around since 3000 BC in the Mediterranean […]

French Baguettes

Baking French Baguettes at Home

The aroma of home baked breads wafting through the home is truly an appetizing experience. Baguettes in particular are a delectable accompaniment to any meal, making the meal more delicious. Warm home-baked bread is not just delightful to eat but very simple to make too. All one needs is some all purpose flour, salt, instant […]

Raw Oyesters

Serving Raw Oysters is More than Just Delight

Oysters are one of nature’s best kept secrets but are among the favorite starters and yes…a proven aphrodisiac too. They are prolific bivalves, but shucking them and eating them may not be the easiest of tricks. One may need a little practice before mastering the art of shucking or opening an oyster. Let us start […]

slow food

Slow Food, Slow Cooking And A Trend You Should Enjoy

When ‘Slow Food’ started as a movement in 1986, people looked at it as a desperate call for pacing the society as food and all related things to it are concerned. The concept encourages consuming food that is produced locally and in the traditional way and enjoying it without hurrying in the way our ancestors […]

Amaretti Cookies Recipe

Amaretti Cookies – Little Bitter Things

Italians have loved and made Amaretti cookies for centuries. Amaretti is Italian for the all-time loved macaroons, which mean “little bitter things”. Traditionally made with almond paste, sugar and egg whites these delectable cookies can be eaten by themselves or served with liqueur, sweet wines and even coffee. They are also served with desserts. Amarettis […]