Sushi is a delicacy which, with a little skill and a drop of Japanese patience, you can prepare at home. There are a multitude of sushi recipes and you can pick the one with the best ingredients for you.

maki sushiYou simply need marine algae, a surface to cut the fish on and a bamboo sushi mat.

The advantage of preparing this delight is that you can have fun exercising a tradition and eating something made by you that would cost quite a lot in a high quality restaurant.

Sushi is giving a whole new name to the fish

In history, the sushi is a Japanese symbol created from rice, wasabi and fish. Most of the times, sushi is considered to be something made of raw fish but some recipes do not have fish in them.

At its origins, the sushi was an Asian process of preserving the fish meat. The raw fish was then pressed between two layers of rice mixed with salt. This combination went through a fermentation process which took several months. After that, the rice was removed and the fish eaten.

The current method to prepare sushi became popular in the 18th century and soon the sushi became a fast food dish meant to feed the hungry masses. Today sushi is a delight prepared by the renowned chefs who look for new ways to improve this minimalist dish and turn it into a masterpiece.

The most famous types of sushi are:

Nigri-sushi is a type of sushi that is formed with the hands. It has a rectangular or oval shape and it is made with fish and rice to which are added spicy ingredients like wasabi.

Maki is perhaps the most famous form of sushi made with a sheet of nori – the marine algae rolled like a cylinder and cut in even small pieces. This type of sushi is made with the help of the famous Japanese bamboo mat by pressing the rice and other ingredients until they become a tight block.

Te-maki sushi is a type of sushi in the shape of a cone made with rice and other ingredients.

In order to make sushi you need several ingredients but the minimum are the nori, the rice and the bamboo mat which is responsible for an accurate shape of the sushi.

The right type of fish for sushi is the smoked one, like salmon and the best fish species for sushi are the ocean fish and not those living in sweet water. You can put inside the sushi different types of sea fruit and the most common additions to this lovely dish are squid, shrimp and crabs.



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