When ‘Slow Food’ started as a movement in 1986, people looked at it as a desperate call for pacing the society as food and all related things to it are concerned.

The concept encourages consuming food that is produced locally and in the traditional way and enjoying it without hurrying in the way our ancestors did.

slow foodSlow food as a concept covers the trend of consuming the food that grows in a normal rate without growth stimulators but also food that is slowly cooked in order to maintain all the qualities that nature gave it.

Everybody knows the famous smell of Gumbo typical to Louisiana. In the dark days of slavery this specific dish was cooked in large pots on a wood fire and sometimes it took around 4-8 hours to be perfectly cooked. The cooking process’s speed was somehow reduced by the small caloric power of the slow wood fire.

The Hungarian goulash became famous exactly because the slow cooking process allowed the flavors to mix and result in the perfectly balanced potato stew which is now famous all over the world.

Slow cooking was at first a necessity and the common kitchens as well as the most famous restaurants gave it up as soon as the modern cooking machines appeared.

The cooking became faster out, the reason for cooks not to spend too much time in the kitchen on preparing a certain dish but also to shorten the time people would have to wait for cooked food.

In the modern days the trend of slow cookers flooded the market, preaching the getting back to the basic principles in cooking.

We are encouraged to do that because the slow cooked food is tastier, easier to digest and more enjoyable for the spirit.

Actually the slow cooking trend has brought back a concept of treating the food as a privilege, rather than a necessity and also the challenge to consider it a true life concept we can own without making compromises.

The slow cooked food is better because the flavors have time to mix and combine and the nutrients are kept inside the vegetables and meat. The slow cooking allows the food to keep its fiber structure and get a better, more complex taste, inside a healthier dish that the human body enjoys more.

More than a trend, slow food and slow cooking are the next logical steps that encourage our society to savor the food and enjoy the best of it, reinstating the food to the status of a perfect delight.



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