When it comes to sauces, there are some that everybody knows about and these are the ones that you should try as well, in case you haven’t tried them already.

For example there is the Worcester sauce that everybody knows and everybody likes. Another one of the most famous sauces of the world is the Chutney sauce.

ChutneyThis sauce has its origins in India, and the name comes from the Indian word chatni.

The sauce has become popular all over the world due to its versatility and cosmopolite texture that makes it perfect to be part of the international cuisine.

Traditionally it is made of fruits or vegetables, or both of them combined in a mixture. To get the perfect sauce, you will have to chop and cook the ingredients and also mix them with spices and vinegar.

If you do everything right in the end you will achieve a kind of pulp texture both soft and flavored ready to be enjoyed.

The entire process may look similar to jam making. And you could use windfall apples, green tomatoes and other ingredients that you wouldn’t use for anything else. Dried food is also used in making chutney, in the shape of raisins, currants and sultanas.

The advantage of this kind of sauce is that you can never get bored of it because the variations that are available to you are simply endless. Another good thing about it is that in case it is made of vegetables or fruits, if it is stored properly, it might be used for several months without going bad.

There are some specific things that you will need in order to get it done, such as a stainless steel pan that is large enough to hold all of the ingredients. If you happen to be a big jam maker it might be a good idea to invest into a preserving pan.

Don’t forget that you will be using vinegar to add flavor to the mixture, so be sure not to use copper, iron or brass pans, since the vinegar will react with the metal.

In order to be able to stir, you should use a long-handled wooden spoon. This should be an investment that you make especially for this kind of food, because the wood will get impregnated with the spiciness of the sauce and it will add a strange flavor to other meals.

In the end you will have to pour the sauce into jars, and in order to make this process easier you should get a heatproof jug or funnel. In order to add the spices that you need to the sauce you might need muslin or cotton squares. Also in order to make sure that you use the right ratio of the ingredients, it would be wise to use a scale.

Some of the ingredients need to be chopped, so make sure you have at hand a chopping board and a stainless steel knife.

It has been mentioned that the sauce will be stored in jars, so make sure that you get the right size of them, and also make sure that they are properly sanitized before you pour the Chutney into them. These jars should also be heatproof because the mixture must be hot when poured in for storage.



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